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Scuba Diving Africa

Scuba diving in Africa is amazing. The opportunities are much less developed than in many other areas of the world. It is certainly for the adventurous spirits. There is a huge amount of unexplored coastline where massive amounts of marine life awaits. There are huge migrations, huge predators, unique sea life, and fantastic people. When you decide to go diving in Africa, you are visiting a location most divers can only dream about and look at pictures and videos online.

Possibly the most famous diving in Africa occurs in the southern part of the continent in South Africa. Here is where the oceans greatest predator, the great white shark, is most frequently found. If you check around the continent you will also find great diving in Egypt, Mozambique, Tanzania and Madagascar.

Top Scuba Diving Destinations in Africa

Africa as a continent has so much coastline that is yet to be explored or developed that there could be dive spots all over the place that have never been explored. When you stop and think that the island nation of Madagascar has 4828 kms of coastline of its own, it is no wonder that this is to be true. The simple fact is that there is not enough tourism in many areas to support a diving industry, so the areas will likely remain unexplored for years.

When you think of diving in Africa, the first major thing that comes to mind is the great white shark dives in South Africa. These are generally done in a cage, and depart from cities such as Cape Town. The great diving destination that may come to mind is diving in Egypt and the Red Sea.

What we will do on is find you the other great destinations in Africa and help bring you all the best deals, information, dive shops, photos and videos. Check back often because this site is constantly growing!

What Makes Africa A Great Scuba Diving Destination?

Africa is a great diving destination due to its diversity above and below the water. The continent as a whole is more wild, less explored, and less touristy than any other continent as a whole in the world. The people are friendly, the diving great, and the marine life robust.

The Cost Of Scuba Diving in Africa

The cost of diving in Africa varies greatly by where you visit. There are certainly spots such as South Africa where you can expect to pay very “american” prices. There are also places that are more off the beaten path where you can get great value for top notch diving. As our site grows we will be able to offer you more and more options as far as pricing and experiences. Check out some of the countries below to find out the different destionations, dive shops, and marine life you can expect to see in those areas.

Scuba Diving Countries in Africa

  • Egypt
  • Madagascar
  • Mozambique
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania


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