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Scuba diving in India

India has rich collection of diving sites in the Arabian Sea, at the Lakshadweep islands as well as in the Bay of Bengal at Andaman. A spectacular underwater world is hidden from our familiar world. Under water world is full of naturally crafted structures, exotic creatures, vibrant colors and many others. Adventure sport Scuba diving opens up opportunities to get experience with captivating visual treat to the eyes.

Popular Scuba Diving Destinations in India

Lakshadweep island- a group of thirty six islands together comprises Lakshadweep Island situated at a distance of 240km from Malabar Coast. The Lakshadweep Islands are blessed with white coral sands, non crystal water and a variety of marine flora.  Tourists have golden opportunity to experience the adventurous sport like scuba diving and snorkeling. Bangaram and Agatti islands are the only two islands that are open for public to have enthralling experience with huge delicate marine life under water.

Island of Andaman Nikobar: This is a Group of 572 small islands encircled with turquoise water. Beautiful white beaches with most beautiful blossoms, procession of swaying coconut palms dancing in soothing breeze and chirping birds in surroundings enhances the beauty of Islands of Andaman Nicobar. One could have great unforgettable experience of beautiful marine flora under water also. These are the islands full of colorful coral, pristine reefs and array of fish species. The seas near the Andamans are famous as world’s most unspoilt places. Marine life like varieties of fishes and corals are unique to this area.

Netrani Islands-also known as Petite Island Netrani is situated 10km across the coast of Karnataka in the majestic Arabian Sea. Netrani Islands are full of some beautiful corals, butterfly fishes, the trigger fishes and parrot fishes. This place offers best opportunity to have experience of scuba diving to amateur, veteran as well as professional divers. One must keep it in mind about this destination, that Islands of Netrani are easily approachable from Goa as well as from Mumbai Netrani, but before visiting one must need to get the permission, because this place is utilized by Indian Navy.

Goa– has a most beautiful beach of the world consists gorgeous tinted corals, stunning shells and fishes. Experience of scuba diving in Goa remains memorable as well as unforgettable. Water bodies in Goa are not only detrimental but they are pleasant too. There are number of diving sites available in Goa like Wreck of Suzy”s- a best diving location for amateurs and veteran divers, Locker of Davy Jones-  a perfect diving place for professional divers, Cove of Shelter-having lowest water depth- best destination for amateur and veteran, Reef of Uma Guma- a desirable dive spot for expert divers on bare rocks off Grand Island.

Pondicherry– now days Union Territory of India the Pondicherry presents accurately worldwide holiday experience. Because of that the Eastern Coast of India has become famous for its spotless, untouched and largely unknown and uncharted reefs and sporadic wrecks. The schools of barracudas, morays, large groupers, the rays, the nudibranchs, the angelfish and many more exist here. Access to this place is best from Chennai or Bangalore either by car or bus.

Best Time Of Year For Scuba Diving in India

Lakshadweep Island- Best time to visit this place is during the season of November to May to get best experience of this place. In the remaining time monsoon season could spoil the beauty of this place.

Islands of Netrani– One must visit during the months of December and January to get best life time memorable experience.

Islands of Andaman Nicobar- During the months of June to September heavy rains are expected over there; hence perfect time to have experience of this place is October to May months.

Goa– Throughout the year is the good time to visit Goa and to have experience with its most beautiful white sanded beaches surrounded by greenery and attractive diving destinations.

Expected Visibility in India

The attractive and adventurous islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman have clear water with best visibility range. Water clarity is up to 6 to 40 meters in the Andaman’s and 18 to 45 meters off Lakshadweep. Off Goa offers visibility range from 5-11 meters. Moreover Pondicherry dives present visibility from 5-20metres.


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