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Scuba Diving in Bonaire

Bonaire is considered a paradise for scuba diving of every kind. If you really want to have a memorable diving, when you select Bonaire which is known as the shore diving capital of the world. Beautiful crystal clear water, the awesome underwater landscapes and arrangement make it different from other scuba diving destinations in the world. Divers are advised to have a professional scuba diving tour company show the around this beautiful nation. The crown jewel under water is very well protected by Bonaire Marine Park. Since 1979 the rule ‘Look but Do not Touch’ has been applicable to all visitors. Bonaire is one of the top nations in the world in regards to protecting its Marine life. In the year 1961, Bonaire made a few changes in its legislation to protect the population of turtle and other creatures underwater. Since then it has become illegal activity to bring spear gun underwater. One can enjoy fully this scuba diving destination and leave knowing the place will be protected for years to come. You will find a wide variety of fish which is one of the reasons that Bonaire has become such a popular destination for scuba diving. It is also an ideal place for underwater photographers as the visibility is often spectacular.

Dive Orientation.

If one is planning to visit Bonaire for Scuba dive then one has to go through a process of dive orientation and briefing for the first time only. One needs to attend the Bonaire Marine Park Orientation before diving on this island. The reason behind this is to check important points like buoyancy and water current, hence damage of reef could be minimized in this way. There is one more thing to check out diver’s equipments. If one is coming first time to Bonaire to enjoy Scuba diving then he has to purchase a Marine Park Tag that is valid for 1 calendar year and this orientation process could varies from one place of diving to another place of diving. During this process of orientation, one will come to know about new species of underwater that is found only in Bonaire Islands. During any kind of accident or emergency, Bonaire skilled staff are ready to tackle such incidents and within few minutes they are able to provide fully medical treatment also. The timing for this whole orientation program begins around 9am early morning and one need to purchase his Marine Park Tag that is mandatory to dive in this Island. One will have to pay $25 to purchase Marine Park Tag.

 Famous dive Sites

Marine life found in Bonaire is Tarpon, the Turtle, Seahorses, small and large Frogfishes, Nurse Sharks, the Rays and Dolphins. There is huge list of diving sights in Bonaire like- Sampler at Klein Bonaire, Hilma Hooker Wreck and the list is continuously goes on. It is really impossible to select one as the best one site in Bonaire but if it has to tell the best out of all in Bonaire then it would be –Night dive in the Caribbean Sea at town Pier. This place is also called paradise for sea animals. The water is rich of huge numbers of sea horses, moray eels and many species of octopi. Along with that a great range of beautiful corals is also present. Because of such reasons Town pier stands first in the position of no of diving site in Bonaire. If one wants to have life time experience of diving then no doubt Bonaire would be the best place to visit.

Other diving Sites around Bonaire

Hilma Hooker (Wreck): the long freighter sank of length 236 ft is rested in approximately 95ft of seawater. The access to such point is easy via boat or even from the shore. The visibility all around the wreck is great.

Salt Pier: around the pilings a 40-70ft deep pier is present and can be approachable by boat or directly from shore.

Karpata: it is a kind of reef with downward slope towards practically vertical wall; reaches the sand to depth of 130ft. The site can be approachable from shore or boat, but from shore the journey is longer other sites.

Bari Reef: The night diving is situated just opposite the Sand Dollar Resort and is easy to get in touch from the shore by no of steps leading down.

Klein Bonaire: Bonaire’s younger sister island is accessible by boat only. This tiny island is offered with beautiful soft corals and an exciting reef crowded with life.


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