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Scuba Diving in Panama

The beautiful gem of southern Central America is the country of Panama. Bordered by Columbia, Costa Rica, the Caribbean and the great Pacific Ocean, this place presents an ideal opportunity for divers to discover the hidden pearls of the sea. Panama, literally translates to ‘land of ample fish’. The small nation has a vast variety of flora and fauna and the geographical divisions range from dense canopies to about 500 small streams that run from the mountains to the sea. Scuba diving in Panama has become a major activity in this area. With 425 miles coastline alongside the Caribbean Sea and 765 miles coastline alongside the Pacific, the Scuba diving destinations in Panama are as diverse and colorful as its culture.

The divers can splash in the cool waters and find themselves among 250 varieties of game and reef fish. There are as many as 52 corals in this area along with turtles, sharks, whales and the most popular jewfish, which weighs around 400 pounds.

A look at the Scuba Diving Destinations in Panama

Contadora-This is one of the most popular diving sites on the Pacific side of Panama. The place is easily accessible by a boat and the stay options are also quite luxurious. The most attractive sight in this area is of the white-tip sharks. As you get to dive in the vast ocean, this place is generally good for divers with some experience.

Hospital Point- This is another one of the popular sites for scuba diving in Panama. Located near the Isla Solarte, this is a shallow trench of water where even the beginners can go and have a look at the lettuce coral reefs of the area. The coral reef will be found at the depth of 2m to 16m. The place also meets a freshwater induction, because of which the visibility can go low at times. It is a part of the Bocas Del Toro, one of the most popular and important points for scuba diving in Panama.

Tiger Rock– Located only about 40km from the town of Bocas, this place is ideal for people who like to see a lot of underwater activity. The place is ideal for diving along with sharks, different varieties of fish etc. The place is most famous for the parrot fish. The trips to this place are whole day excursions but take place only when the climatic conditions are calm.

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