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Why Should I List My Dive Shop With Scuba Dive Destinations?

Scuba Dive Destinations is a revolutionary site that gives customers access to the best dive shops around the world and rewards them with a loyalty reward program called ScubaPoints!

After a customer takes one trip using, they will realize there is never a need to book with anyone else again. We take care of everything and our customers earn a significant amount of ScubaPoints for each trip they book through They can then use these points to either discount their next vacation, or save them so they can get a vacation absolutely free!

The cost of diving for customers is the exact same as if you were to book with the dive shop directly. The ScubaPoints are a bonus!

How Much Does It Cost To Join

There is absolutely no cost to customers who book through or to dive shops to set up their listings. Dive shops pay a pre-determined commission amount. Customers pay the same price they would if they were to book directly through the dive shop. The benefit is all in the points!

How Do Customers Get Their Questions Answered With Regards To A Destination?

When potential divers are browsing our site and have a question for a dive shop, the dive shop that they are seeking information from will get the inquiry directly. We make the direct link as it gets you the best information from local people who you will be diving with.

Can Any Dive Shop Get Listed on

No. Dive shops must apply to be listed on We will only list one dive shop from each area. We also will try our hardest to only do business with the most reputable dive shops. We will investigate each applicant on a case by case basis. We will review tripadvisor reviews and other review sites to ensure that we will be working with the best dive shops. This ensures our customers are getting the best diving experiences possible and ensures that the amount of complaints and disputes stays to a minimum.

If you book a dive with one of partners and have a complaint, we recommend you working it out with the dive shop initially. If you can not work out the problem between yourself and the dive shop then by all means let us know.



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