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Scuba Diving in Fiji

Fiji is known world wide for being a serene tropical tourism destination with friendly people and pristine scuba diving. The country is made up of 333 islands and atolls that offer over 1000 species of fish and several hundred different varieties of corals and sponges. Fiji has often been referred to as the “soft coral capital of the world.Fiji offers an incredible array of scuba diving opportunities. There is a seemingly endless amount of dives which can be completed on the “Great Astrolabe Reef.” You could spend years looking at different species of corals and sponges and the small tropical fish that call these reefs home. Or you can visit Pacific Harbour in Fiji which is home to what has often been referred to as the “Best shark dive in the world” by many well respected diving professionals. Here you can see experienced staff hand feed the often feared bull shark.  

You can also visit other parts of the country and see all kinds of other sharks. From whale sharks, to schooling hammerheads, lemon sharks, nurse sharks, and several species of reef sharks to name but a few. Fiji is also home to a sizeable population of humpback whales which visit the country each year from Antartica each year to give birth and begin raising their offspring.

Islands such as Manta Ray Island offer another fantastic diving experience as between the months of May and October you can scuba dive with the elegant Pacific Giant Manta Ray. These massive species can span as wide as 6.5 metres (21+ feet) and swoop gracefully through the waters. Fiji is also home to five different species of turtles.

Fiji Dive Conditions

The visibility in Fijian waters tends to be very good with the temperature remaining very warm year round. These factors, along with the incredible marine life that can be found on the over 6400 square kilometers (4000+ square miles) of coral reef. Factor this in with the incredibly friendly nature of the Fijian people and you can expect to have a fantastic scuba diving vacation.

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