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Scuba Diving In Palau

On Micronesia’s western most islands is the Republic of Palau, home to the inimitable Rock Islands. The small collection of limestone and coral are ancient remnants of coral reefs that forcefully emerged to form the islands of Palau’s Southern Lagoon, between Koror and Peleliu.  The small islands stand like statuettes in the azure sea with their small bases and wider tops covered by small jungle forests.

The warm waters of Palau are legendary for diving and are recognized for the 1,300 varieties of fish and 700 kinds of coral. Palau is renowned for its great quantity of pelagic animals and a large collection of WWII shipwrecks that are excellent for divers to explore.

From plateaus that are washed in currents to protected coral reefs, Palau offers a wide array of diving opportunities for everyone.

Most of the diving is drift diving along coral gardens, and the plateaus around the outer reef. A dive boat will follow along for your return.

Scuba Diving Destinations and Sites of Palau

The Ngemelis Drop-Off

Considered to be one of the world’s best wall dives, divers follow the shallow water and dive down a 300 meter wall. Divers will marvel at the vivid blues, reds, and snow-white corals and sponges. The nine foot orange and yellow sea fans wave in the current while black coral trees stand as sentinels.

Blue Corner

One of the best dives anywhere Blue Corner is not for beginners, and even experienced divers should stay within 15 to 24 meters. The wall is horizontal and deep and divers can marvel at the wealth of marine life. See sharks, turtles, barracudas, and tropical fish of every color in the rainbow.

Blue Holes

Blue Holes is a large cave on the north side of Ngemelis Island. The four large openings in the ceiling of the cave let in the sunlight, which makes for excellent photo opportunities. The depth here is only 30 meters.

Big Drop Off

This vertical wall has an incredible growth of both hard and soft corals and a large population of reef fish. Big Drop Off lies in shallow waters 2 – 17m deep, and is an exceptional snorkeling area.


WWII Shipwrecks

  • Helmet Wreck (10 – 31m): Small supply ship
  • Buoy #6 Wreck (26m): Patrol boat, best shipwreck for macro photography
  • ‘Jake’ Japanese Navy Seaplane (13m): Intact floatplane
  •  USS Perry (82m): The only US shipwreck in Micronesia, this Clemson-class destroyer sunk after hitting a mine on September 14, 1944.
  •  Chuyu Maru (35 – 23m): Freighter
  •  Iro (23 – 35m): Fleet oiler
  •  Amatzu Maru (30 – 14m): Tanker
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