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Scuba Points Rewards

How Do I Earn Scuba Points

Scuba Points are earned by booking with any of our dive shops that are listed on our site. The amount of points earned per dive trip or vacation will vary. The points are then redeemed for credit off of future dive trips or vacations.

How Much Is Each Point Worth

Scuba Points convert at a rate of 100 to 1. Meaning if you earn 2500 points by booking a diving trip with us. You could discount your next trip by $25 or save the points for an even bigger savings on future dives.

Do My Points Ever Expire

Yes they do. If you do not book a dive in a 24 month period, your points will expire. You can save points for more than 2 years, so long as there is new booking activity on your account within the 2 year period.


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